Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Google Reader

ok.. this one's for those who haven found out this feature of google..
wiki says.. Google Reader is a Web-based aggregator, capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds online or offline. It was released by Google on October 7, 2005 through Google Labs. Reader graduated from beta status on 17 September 2007.

how to get it ?? http://reader.google.com/
for those interested in thos premierleague football transfers n stuff or some other sports... or news of a specific genre.. or for ppl keen to knw if thier frens blog's updated.. this's nice one..
one feeder u'll like addin if ur bored like me is howstuffworks feed.. they add a lot of new topics daily.. most of them funny... one such feed led me to this link http://history.howstuffworks.com/european-history/jack-the-ripper.htm
which brought in memories abt watchin "from hell" in hostel.. oh no.. i miss college..


Viajero said...

Thankfully this I knows :)

Viajero said...

Hey britzz no new updates??